Writing for Fun


A SERIES OF WRITING TASKS collected and/or written by Richard Swallow Vista Square Elementary School 540 G Street Chula Vista Elementary School District Chula Vista, CA 91910 Click here to send me comments
The following pages constitute a collection of materials which I put together over my many years of teaching FOR THE PURPOSE OF STIMULATING WRITING. I gave each student in my class(es) a booklet of these assignments and a check-off list. They were to use a word processor to complete each writing assignment and were always proud when they produced a neatly published work of their own which was posted on the classroom bulletin board. These could, however, be used as writing starters for longhand assignments as well. Credit is given to original authors when known.

Important Note:

The font size that you have selected in your browser's preferences will make a difference (perhaps a great difference) in both how your browser views these pages and how it looks when you print them out. If you are not familiar with how to change your font size(s) in your browser's preferences, I suggest you do a "Select All", "Copy" the particular work you want, and then paste the material into your favorite word processor (Word, Appleworks, etc.) for manipulation and printing.
  • Writing Ideas Characters, traits, locations, problems
  • Task 1: Mary--Poetry
  • Task 2: Friendship
  • Task 3: Haiku
  • Task 4: Tall Tales
  • Task 5: Suppose Poem
  • Task 6: The Hole
  • Task 7: Just So Stories
  • Task 8: Limericks
  • Task 9: Myths
  • Task 10: Free Style Poetry
  • Task 11: Fairy Tales
  • Task 12: Folk Tales
  • Task 13: The Short Story
  • Task 14: Doorway to the Future
  • Task 15: Picture Writing
  • Task 16: Pet Peeve
  • Task 17: Friendly Letter
  • Task 18: Autobiography
  • Task 19: Legends
  • Task 20: Vertical Poetry
  • Task 21: Double-Dactyl Poetry
  • Task 22: From "Its" Point of View
  • Task 23: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 24: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 25: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 26: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 27: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 28: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 29: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 30: Yet to be digitized
  • Task 31: Yet to be digitized