Three Wishes

An Old Folktale

Parts(6):    Narrator 1         Narrator 2      Narrator 3      Fairy      Woodcutter      Wife 

Narrator #1:  Once upon a time a poor woodcutter headed into the forest to chop down a few trees
              and sell the wood in the nearby town.

Narrator #2:  Just as the woodcutter was about to cut down an old oak tree, he heard a voice.

Fairy:	      Please, kind woodcutter.  Do not cut down this tree.

Narrator #3:  The woodcutter said,

Woodcutter:   And why not?  I need the wood to sell in the town so that I have money to buy food.

Fairy:	      I cannot tell you why, but I promise if you do as I ask, good luck will be yours.

Woodcutter:   Very well.  I will not cut down this tree.

Narrator #2:  Then the fairy said,

Fairy:	      Dear woodcutter, you have a good 	and kind heart.  I will grant your next	three

Narrator #1:  The fairy flew into the forest.  The woodcutter headed home to tell his wife of
              their good fortune.

Woodcutter:   Wife!  Wife!  I have a fine story to tell you.

Narrator #2:  The woodcutter's wife was very happy when she heard about the three wishes.

Wife:	      What a wonderful thing it is to have three wishes!  Let's not be hasty.  Let's 
              wait until morning before we make a single wish.

Woodcutter:   A wise idea.  That way we will be able to think more clearly.  But for now I'm as
              hungry as a bear.  When's supper?

Wife:	      Supper will be ready in one hour.

Woodcutter:   One hour!  But I'm starving!  I wish I had a big sausage right now.

Narrator #3:  Now, no sooner had the woodcutter said the words when a sausage appeared on the 

Wife:	      You fool!  Look what you've done!	You've wasted one wish!  How could you be so 

Narrator #2:  The woodcutter's wife scolded her	husband.

Narrator #1:  Now the woodcutter was not pleased by his wife's nagging, so he saidÍ

Woodcutter:   I wish that this sausage was stuck on your nose.

Narrator #3:  And the sausage stuck to his wife's nose!

Wife:	      You fool!  Look what you have done!  Do something!

Narrator #1:  The woodcutter tried and tried to remove the sausage, but it was no use.  It was 
              stuck there for good.

Narrator #2:  Then the woodcutter saidÍ

Woodcutter:   There's only one thing to do.  I wish the sausage was back on the plate.

Narrator #3:  The sausage landed back on the plate.  The woodcutter and his wife sat down and 
              ate the sausage.

Wife:	      And that's the story of the three wishes.
Adapted for Readers Theater Script by Lisa Blau