The Hat

by Jan Brett

Adapted by Gail Madarat

Parts (10): Narrator    Lisa       Hedgie     Mother Hen     Gander      Barn Cat     
            Farm Dog    Mama Pig   Piglets    Pony

Setting:  A Farm

Narrator:   Winter is arriving and Lisa is getting her woolen clothes out of storage. She 
            hangs the clothing outside on the line to air but a strong wind blows one of her
            stockings off the line. Hedgie finds it, pokes his nose in it, and gets stuck. 

Hedgie:     How embarrassing!

Narrator:   Mother Hen comes by with her baby chicks.

Mother Hen: Cackle, cackle. What's that on your head, Hedgie?

Hedgie:     Why, it's my new hat. Isn't it beautiful?

Narrator:   Mother Hen runs off. Gander comes by.

Gander:     Honk, honk! Ho, ho, ho! Look at that! The hedgehog has flipped his gizzard.

Hedgie:     Laugh today, Gander. But tomorrow when it rains, my hat will keep me dry.

Narrator:   Gander runs off and Barn Cat comes along just as Hedgie is tugging at the 

Barn Cat:   Meow. What a silly looking hedgehog you are, with that thing on your head.

Hedgie:     But my ears will be warm in a snowstorm.

Barn Cat:   Hmmmmmmm.

Narrator:   Barn Cat runs along and Farm Dog and her puppies find Hedgie in a patch of

Farm Dog:   Hedgie, is that a hat you're wearing? How funny you look.

Hedgie:     But I'll be cozy and dry when it snows.

Narrator:   Farm Dog runs off and Mama Pig and her piglets come along.

Mama Pig:   Oink, oink! What are your up to, Hedgie?

Hedgie:     Making sure my hat doesn't fall off if an icy wind blows up.

Mama Pig:   I see.

Narrator:   Mama Pig runs off and Pony comes by.

Pony:       Hedgie, what is that ridiculous thing on your head?

Hedgie:     It's my hat, of course. Don't you know that everyone should wear a hat in winter 
            when itıs cold and snowy!

Narrator:   Pony is startled by Hedgie and runs off. Hedgie is very sad and just wants to be 
            alone. He didn't like everyone laughing at him with this thing on his head. He 
            couldn't even  fit into his den. Lisa comes running after Hedgie with the other
            stocking in her hand. 

Lisa:       Come back, you silly hedgehog.

Hedgie:     Oh, no. Even the girl is laughing at me!

Narrator:   Lisa catches Hedgie and pulls the stocking off his head.

Lisa:       You ridiculous little hedgehog. Donıt you know that animals don't wear clothes!

Narrator:   Hedgie heads for his den and Lisa starts back to the clothesline where she sees 
            all of her woolens are missing.

All the Animals: Now I am wearing a magnificent hat!

Narrator:   Lisa is chasing all the animals and Hedgie is at his den.

Hedgie:     How ridiculous they look! Don't they know that animals should never wear clothes!