ABC's of The First Thanksgiving

Marci McGowan

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              Assign Readers for Letters A-Z
Narrator 1:          Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. We have been learning about 
                     early America and the very first Thanksgiving celebration. 

A is for Americans:  Some of the earliest Americans were the Pilgrims. They wanted to be free to 
                     have their own religion.

B is for Big Ship:   The Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in a big ship called the 

C is for Cramped:    The ship was very cramped or crowded.  There was little room for children 
                     to play.  Many people became sick.

D is for Danger:     The trip was filled with danger.  Often there were storms with great winds. 
                     Everyone was afraid.

E is for Explore:    After 66 days the happy Pilgrims reached land. Some of the men went to 
                     shore to explore. They wanted to see what was there.

F is for Fields:     They found forests and fields where the native people had planted corn.  
                     They found clean water to drink.

G is for Grateful:   Everyone was happy and grateful.  They found a safe place to live the way 
                     they wanted.

H is for Hard:       That first winter was very cold and hard for the Pilgrims. There was not 
                     enough food.  Many people got sick and died.

I is for INDIAN:    (Now we say Native American.)  A friendly Indian named Squanto helped the
                     Pilgrims.  He showed them how to plant corn and where to find fish.

J is for JONES:      In the spring, Captain Jones, the captain of the Mayflower, went back to 
                     England.  The Pilgrims stayed in their new home, America.

K is for KEPT:       The Pilgrims kept working hard.  They planted gardens and built houses and 

L is for Land:       They learned how to hunt and fish in the new land.

M is for MANY:       By summer, the Pilgrims had built many houses. Their vegetable gardens grew 

N is for NO ONE:     By November, there was plenty to eat.  No one would be hungry this winter.

O is for ONE:        One day, Governor Bradford said, "We should be thankful for our harvest."

P is for Pilgrims:   The Pilgrims harvested pumpkins, corn, squash, beans, and carrots.  They 
                     found nuts and berries in the woods.

Q is for QUAIL:      The men hunted for wild quail, turkey, geese, and deer.  They caught fish
                     in the rivers.

R is for READY:      They caught lobsters, clams, and oysters in the ocean.  They got everything 
                     ready for a big celebration.

S is for SHARE:      The Pilgrims wanted to share what they had with the Indians, their new 

T is for THANKFUL:   The Pilgrims were thankful.  Now they had food, homes, and friends.

U is for US:         The Pilgrims said to their new friends, ≥Please join us!≤

V is for VISIT:      They invited the Indians to visit them for their special harvest celebration.

W is for When:       When everyone came, they ate together and played games.

X is for EXCITED:    The Pilgrims were EXCITED and very happy.   Their celebration lasted for 
                     three days!

Y is for YELLED:     The children played and laughed and yelled.

Z is for Zany:       The children acted zany, running all around with their new friends.  They 
                     had a wonderful time.

Narrator 2:          Most people don't know that the Pilgrims did not celebrate again the next 
                     year.  Later on, several Presidents, including George Washington, made 
                     one-time Thanksgiving holidays.

Narrator 3:          It became an official holiday in 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln, said 
                     to set aside the last Thursday in November to give thanks.

Narrator 4:          In 1941, Congress  made Thanksgiving an annual national holiday to be 
                     celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November. Now it's a time for family and 
                     friends to give thanks together, eat lots of good food, watch parades and 
                     football games.  It's also the start of the winter holiday season!