By Lois Ehlert

Parts(9):    Narrator       Chorus       Snow Dad      Snow Mom       Snow boy
             Snow Girl      Snow Baby    Snow Cat      Snow Dog    

Narrator:   Do you think birds know when it's going to snow? I do. The seeds we left out were
            almost gone. New snow would soon bury the rest.

Chorus:	    We'd been waiting for a really big snow, saving good stuff in a sack. Finally it was 
            a perfect snowball day. 

Snow Dad:   We rolled three snowballs and made a snow dad.	

Snow Mom:   Added a snow mom.

Snow Boy:   And a cool snow boy.

Snow Girl:  Made a snow girl.

Snow Baby:  And a round snow baby. 

Snow Cat:   Built our cat and to end the day.

Snow Dog:   Made our dog, Spot.

Narrator:   I guess you know what happened when the sun came out. 

Snow Dad:   Snow dad's shrinking.

Snow Mom:   Mom is mush.

Snow Boy:   Boy's a blob.

Snow Girl:  Girl is slush.

Snow Baby:  Baby's melting.

Snow Cat:   Cat's getting small.

Snow Dog:   Dog is a puddle.

Chorus:     So long, snowball. 

Edited by Sandy Tuttle