The Red Hen Ball

Parts(7):    Narrator 1    Narrator 2    Narrator 3      Charlotte    Bernice     Hedwig     Wolf

Narrator 1:  This was the day of the Red Hen Ball. This was the time when all present must wear
             their fanciest outfits and squawk about and at each other. 
Narrator 2:  The chicken coop was a fury. The hens were pecking, poking, picking, and primping.
             Everyone wanted to be in front of the mirror that hung in the hen house. Each hen
             wanted the mirror at the same moment. 

Charlotte:  "Move over, I have to fix my hat."

Bernice:    "Hold your tail feathers!"

Narrator 3:  squawked Bernice.

Benice:     "I'm almost finished with my makeup." 

Hedwig:      Don't put on too much rouge. Your cheeks will get too red."

Narrator 1:  warned Hedwig. 

Bernice:    "I am a red hen. That means I'm red already. Ha-ha-ha"
Narrator 2:  The red hens did not notice the rustle of the nearby brush and the snap of 
             brittle grasses. These sounds told of the arrival of an unwanted guest. Suddenly 
             a shadow sprung from the bushes, streaked up the wooden plank and kicked open the
             door. In a flash he was inside the hen house. 
Wolf:       "Hello my lovely ladies! What have we here?"

Narrator 3:  jeered the wolf as he looked down his long furry nose.

Wolf:       "I see a fine meal for me."   

Narrator 1:  Then he strutted across the floor. He wickedly whirled and pointed around the room.
Wolf:       "Which one shall I take first? Shall I take YOU in the fancy flowery hat? Or how about
             YOU in the dress covered with spots.  Maybe I'll take the one that is shivering in 
             the corner.  Or YOU with the scarf."

Narrator 2:  he roared.  His voice echoed around the room and scared the pinfeathers off of a few

Wolf:       "So many delightfully dressed delicious choices.  Maybe I'll take you all!"
Charlotte:  "Mister Wolf, We're getting ready for the finest event of the year.  Please don't eat

Narrator 3:  Charlotte whimpered as she peeked out from under her wing.

Wolf:       "Event? What might this event be?"

Narrator 1:  The wolf asked as he wrinkled his eyebrows and stroked his whiskers. 
Charlotte:  "It's the Red Hen Ball.  It's held every year in the barn."
Wolf:       "Red Hen Ball? Tell me about this!"

Narrator 2   hissed the wolf. 

Bernice:    "Well, there's singing, and strutting and lots of noise.  Therešs music and dancing. 
             I can't wait."
Wolf:       "Dancing? What kind of dancing?"

Charlotte:  "Yes, dancing.  We all get in a circle and we move together.  We flap our wings
             over our heads, and we wiggle our tail feathers.  Then we all laugh and spin about."
Bernice:    "We call it the people dance,"

Narrator 3:  Bernice snickered. 

Charlotte:  "The Red Hen Ball is fun.  Want to come?"
Wolf:       "Don't be silly.

Narrator 1:  snapped the wolf.

Wolf:       "Why would a wolf want to go to the ball?"
Charlotte:  "Why wouldn't a wolf want to go to the ball?  There will be plenty of chickens from
             all over the farm.  The biggest hens and the best roosters will be there. You will
             have your choice of many a tasty meal."

Narrator 2:  The wolf thought for a moment. Then he stood up straight and said, 

Wolf:       "Of course, the Red Hen Ball.  Splendid idea!  I'll go!" 

Narrator 3:  Then he turned and started out the door. 

Hedwig:     "Wait!"

Narrator 1:  shouted Hedwig.

Hedwig:     "You can't go like that!"

Wolf:       "What do you mean?"

Narrator 2:  growled the wolf.

Hedwig:     "You can't go to the ball looking like a wolf.  Only red hens and roosters are allowed
Bernice:    "We'll dress you up.  Youšll look a big hen."
Wolf:       "You'll make ME look like a hen? How?" 
Bernice:    "First we need to do something with that tail Here! Put on this corset. We'll tuck your
             tail inside."
Wolf:       "Don't hurt me."

Narrator 3:  pleaded the wolf.

Wolf:       "I'm not so sure about this."
Bernice:    "Relax, you'll be fine!"

Narrator 1:  said Bernice as she tightly tied the corset. 
Wolf:       "I can barely breathe in this!"

Narrator 2:  wheezed the wolf as his tongue hung from his mouth. 
Hedwig:     "I know EXACTLY how you feel."

Bernice:    "A frock for the flock.  Here put on this dress.  Be careful. Don't rip the hem."

Narrator 3:  Bernice teased.

Wolf:       "This is ridiculous."

Narrator 1:  mumbled the wolf. 

Charlotte:  "Nonsense, You'll be the talk of the ball.  Youšll be able to spot a fine meal indeed."

Wolf:       "A fine meal indeed. It's hot in this outfit."

Narrator 2:  squirmed the wolf
Hedwig:     "Now how about those ears? We'll hide them with a headdress.  No, maybe a hat would
             be better."

Bernice:    "Here, try this one."

Narrator 3:  said Bernice, bringing out a rather large hat. It had a big pink bow and a crumpled
             flower on the brim. She plopped it on the wolf's head. 

Wolf:       "I can't see!"

Narrator 1:  shrieked the wolf.

Charlotte:  "Don't worry. We'll tell you when to take it off."
Hedwig:     "Now those big hairy feet... Sandals are IN this season."
Bernice:    "I think shoes are better. I have the perfect pair. Here try these on.  They may be a
             little tight, but that's the way I wear them." 

Narrator 2:  As the wolf stuffed his feet into the shoes he wrinkled his nose and twisted his face.

Hedwig:     "Walk around a little; you'll get used to them."

Wolf:       "I can't feel my toes!"

Narrator 3:  cried the wolf.

Bernice:    "That's good; then you won't feel the blisters."

Wolf:       "Enough of this nonsense."

Narrator 1:  roared the wolf

Wolf:       "Take me to the ball."

Charlotte:  "But we're not finished Mr. Wolf.  You need a scarf for your muzzle and some gloves 
             for your paws. Your outfit has to be complete."

Hedwig:     "I have the perfect match. Here you go Mr. Wolf.  We'll wrap this fluffy scarf around 
             you. We'll hide your snout

Narrator 2:  Bernice and Charlotte grabbed the ends of the scarf and wrapped it around the wolf's 
             body. Then they draped it over his long snout. In the meantime Hedwig brought a pair 
             of evening gloves and slipped them over the wolf's front paws.

Bernice:    "Smile, Mr. Wolf.  You're almost ready."

Wolf:       "Now I know how a mummy feels."

Narrator 3:  moaned the wolf. 
Charlotte:  "Mummy?  Imagine how your tummy feels after a fine feast of red hen. 
Wolf:       "A fine meal indeed"

Narrator 1:  agreed the wolf. 
Wolf:       "Am I ready now?"

Bernice:    "Not yet, you've got to strut,˛ answered Bernice. 
Wolf:       "Strut?"

Bernice:    "Yes, strut.  Watch and learn."

Narrator 2:  The wolf watched as Bernice pranced her feet and wiggled her tailfeathers.  The hen
             bobbed her head from side to side.  She finished by flicking her wings and fluttering
             her eyes.  

Bernice:    "Now your turn."

Narrator 3:  she said as she glanced over her shoulder

Bernice:    "Here watch yourself in the mirror."
Narrator 1:  The wolf stood in the middle of the hen house. He stared at his reflection in the

Bernice:    "You'll be the talk of the ball.  Now walk!"

Narrator 2:  The wolf started with a few unsteady steps.

Bernice:    "Now turn around and come back."

Narrator 3:  yelled bernice.

Wolf:       "I can do this!"

Charlotte:  "Don't forget to strut. SWING THOSE HIPS! Let me see you twirl that scarf!"

Bernice:    "Go Wolfie! Go Wolfie! Go-Go!  Go Wolfie Go!

Narrator 1:  cheered Bernice.  Soon everyone joined in the chorus. The wolf was strutting.  His
             shoulders were slinking.  His feet were prancing.  His scarf was twirling. The hen
             house was chanting.  There were sounds of hoots and whistles.  There were even a few
             catcalls. But not a one wolf howl. Then all became quiet. 
Narrator 2:  It seems that a friendly nail was sticking out of the wall. It was just in the right
             spot to catch a whirling scarf in mid- flight. The scarf got caught.  The wolf pulled
             and pulled and the scarf wrapped tighter and tighter around his body. He roared in
             anger and fiercely lunged at a nearby chicken. When he fell to the floor the hens knew
             that the wolf was trapped. The hens cheered in excitement. 
Bernice:    "Come on girls. We've got a ball to go to."
Hedwig:     "He will not bother us anymore."

Narrator 3:  shouted Hedwig as she pointed to the wolf slumped against the wall. 

Charlotte:  "Last one there is a rotten egg."

Narrator 1:  chuckled Charlotte. The hens went off to the ball.  They laughed all evening and made
             noise past midnight.   

Narrator 2:  They all moved together and raised their wings up over their heads.  They all giggled
             as they danced the people dance.  

Narrator 3:  After a few hours of embarrassment the wolf left the hen house and returned to the deep
             dark forest.  He has not been heard from ever since.  

Scripted by R. Swallow