By Helen Lester

Part (10):  Narrator 1        Narrator 2         Narrator 3        Narrator 4     Narrator 5   
            Narrator 6        Mr. Porcupine      Mrs. Porcupine    Fluffy         Rhinoceros


Narrator 2:  When Mr. and Mrs. Porcupine had their first child, they were delighted. Now he needed
             a name.
Narrator 3:  Should they call him Spike?  No. Spike was too common.
Narrator 4:  Should they call him Lance?  No. Lance sounded too fierce.
Narrator 5:  Should they call him Needleroozer? No.  Needleroozer was too long.
Narrator 6:  Prickles?  Pokey?  Quillian? Then together they had an idea.
Mr. and Mrs. Porcupine: "Let's call him Fluffy.  It's such a pretty name.  Fluffy!"
Narrator 1:  But soon there was a time when Fluffy began to doubt that he was fluffy. 
Narrator 2:  He first became suspicious when he backed into a door and stuck fast.  That was not
             a fluffy thing to do.
Narrator 3:  He was even more convinced when he accidentally slept on his back and poked holes 
             in the mattress.  A very unfluffy thing to do. 
Narrator 4:  When he tried to carry an umbrella he knew the truth without a doubt. Fluffy 
             definitely wasnıt.
Narrator 5:  So he decided to become fluffier.  He thought
Fluffy:     "Clouds are fluffy. I'll be a cloud."
Narrator 6:  But he couldn't stay up. He said
Fluffy:     "I know. Pillows are fluffy!  Iıll be a pillow."
Narrator 1:  But when his mother sat on him, she was not pleased.
Narrator 2:  He tried soaking in a bubble bath for forty-five minutes, but he did not become 
             fluffy. He became soggy.
Narrator 3:  He tried whipped cream.  He put a little on each quill.  It was not easy, and it 
             took more than half a day.  But this did not make Fluffy fluffy.  He sighed,
Fluffy:     "They should have named me Gooey."
Narrator 4:  He ate a lot of fluffy marshmallows. He rolled in shaving cream and feathers.  He
             even tried to become a bunny.  
Narrator 5:  But the truth remained.  Fluffy wasn't.
Narrator 6:  One afternoon Fluffy set out for a walk, trying to think of ways to become fluffy.
Narrator 1:  Before long he met a very large rhinoceros.
Rhinoceros: "Grrrr!  I'm going to give you a rough time!"
Narrator 2:  said the rhinoceros. Fluffy didn't know what a rough time was, but he didn't like
             the sound of it at all. The rhinoceros asked unkindly, 
Rhinoceros: "What is your name, small prickly thing?"
Fluffy:     "Fluffy,"
Narrator 3:  said Fluffy. The rhinoceros smiled. He giggled.  Then he laughed out loud.  
Narrator 4:  He rolled on the ground.   He jiggled and slapped his knees. He roared with 
             laughter.  He howled,
Rhinoceros: "A porcupine named Fluffy!"
Narrator 5:  Fluffy was embarrassed, but he tried to be polite. He inquired
Fluffy:     "And what is your name?"
Rhinoceros: "H...I can't say it,"
Narrator 6:  giggled the rhinoceros.  Fluffy suggested
Fluffy:     "Hubert?"
Rhinoceros: "H...H...H...oh help, I just can't say it, I'm laughing too hard,"
Narrator 1:  said the rhinoceros. Fluffy asked
Fluffy:     "Harold? Or maybe Herman?"
Rhinoceros: "No, it's H...H...H...H...H....HIPPO."
Narrator 2:  gasped the rhinoceros. Hippo. A rhinoceros named Hippo.  Fluffy smiled. He giggled.
Narrator 3:  Then he laughed out loud.  He jiggled and slapped his knees. He howled with 
             laughter. Fluffy cried
Fluffy:     "A rhinoceros named Hippo!"
Narrator 4:  A porcupine named Fluffy.  A rhinoceros named Hippo. It was almost more than they
             could bear.
Narrator 5:  Hippo and Fluffy rolled on the ground giggling and laughing until tears came to 
             their eyes.  
Narrator 6:  At last they lay exhausted on the ground.  From that time on they were best of
Narrator 1:  And Fluffy didn't mind being Fluffy anymore‹even though he wasn't.
Scripted by Jill Jauquet