The Magic Flamingo

Parts (5):   Narrator 1     Narrator 2     Girl      Old Woman      Old Man

Narrator 1:   Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived in the country with his old wife.
              They had no children.  One day while the old man was walking along the road beside 
              a field he heard a strange sound.

              (flutter paper for wing flapping sound)

Narrator 2:   Following the sound, he discovered a beautiful flamingo caught in a trap.

Old Man:      Oh, you poor creature!  I will help you out of the trap.

Narrator 1:   The old man set the flamingo free, and it flew away into the sky.

Narrator 2.   After the old man got home he told his wife about the flamingo.  Then there was a
              knock at the door.

             (knock on table for knocking sound)

Girl:         May I come in?

Narrator 2:   The old woman opened the door.  There she saw a small, pretty girl.

Girl:         I am lost.  Please let me stay in your home tonight.

Old Woman:    Why, of course!  We could like to have you stay with us.

Girl:         You are so kind.  I have no parents of my own.

Old man:      Would you like to become our daughter and live with us?

Girl:         Oh, yes, I would!  I really would!

Narrator 1:   One day after the girl had been there for a while, she went to her new parents and
              said something quite unusual.

Girl:         I will weave some cloth for you on your weaving loom but you must promise never to
              look at me while I work.  Don't look--not even once.

Narrator 2:   The old man and old woman could hear the loom every day.  Each day the little girl
              gave them a beautiful piece of cloth.

Narrator 1:   It was beautiful cloth!  All the neighbors came to see it.

Narrator 2:   The old woman became more and more curious.

Old Woman:    How can this little girl weave such beautiful cloth?  I'm going to look into her
              room while she is working to see how she does it.

Narrator 1:   When the little old woman looked into the room, she saw a gorgeous pink flamingo! 
              It was using its own lovely pink feathers to weave the cloth!

Narrator 2:   When the old man came home that night, the little girl came out of the weaving room.

Girl:         I am the flamingo that you saved.  You were so kind to me that I wanted to repay 
              your kindness, so I wove the cloth.  Now, since you know my secret, I must leave.

Old Woman:   (Crying)  I'm so sorry that I broke my promise.

Old Man:     (Sadly)  I am sorry too. You have been such a sweet daughter.

Girl:         I want you to understand.  I really am a flamingo.  The spell is broken now so I
              must return to my home in the sky.  Good bye, and good luck.  I love you.

Old Man &
Old Woman:    Good bye, Good bye.

Narrator 1 &
Narrator 2:   Suddenly, the little girl changed into a beautiful pink flamingo.  She rose easily
              into the air and dipped her wings in farewell.  The old man and old woman never saw
              her again.