The Lion and the Mouse

Parts (5):     Narrator 1        Narrator 2        Narrator 3       Lion       Mouse 

Narrator 1:  The Lion and the Mouse;  A Fable by Aesop

Narrator 2:  Long, long ago a lion was sound asleep.  A little mouse was scampering through
             the tall grass on his way home.

Narrator 3:  The little mouse ran past the lion but alas, as he ran he fell and he let out
              a very loud...

Mouse:       SQUEAK!.

Narrator 2:  The lion woke up from his nap and roared...

Lion:        Who is this who spoils my slumber?  I do not like to be awakened in this way.

Narrator 3:  The lion looked down and saw the little mouse.

Lion:        Well, well, well!  I have found myself an afternoon snack!

Mouse:       Oh please, mighty lion.  Do not eat me.  Perhaps someday I can pay you back.
             Please let me go.

Lion:        Ha!  How could someone so tiny help a brave and mighty lion like me?  Be off
             with you then.

Mouse:       Thank you, mighty lion.  And remember my words to be true...Someday I may be
             able to help you.

Narrator 1:  Not long after the mouse was set free by the lion, he heard a terrible noise
             that echoed through the forest.

Mouse:       That sounds like the lion.  He may need my help.

Narrator 2:  The mouse ran off and found the lion, caught in the hunters' ropes.

Mouse:       Oh, mighty lion.  Do not roar and make such noise.  The hunters will come for
             you.  Let me help you.

Lion:        How can you help me, you are so very small and I am so very big and strong?

Narrator 1:  The little mouse did not answer.  He was too busy chewing through the ropes
             with his tiny, sharp teeth.

Narrator 3:  Soon the lion was free.  Before he ran away to hide from the hunters he
             stopped and said...

Lion:        Little mouse you have kept your word.  You helped me when I needed you the
             most.  You have proven to be a good and loyal friend.

Narrator 1:  And from that day forth the lion and mouse were always the very best of 

Scripted by Lisa Blau