The King's Wish

Parts (7):	Narrator 1	King of Tam	Son One	Son Three
		Narrator 2	King's Man	Son Two

Narrator 1:	The King of Tam was a very good king.  All day and every day he rode around 
                Tam to see that all were well and happy.

Narrator 2:	One day the king saw a man with some fish.  The king said:

King:		Oh, it must be fun to fish!  How I wish I had time to fish.

Narrator 1:	The three sons of the king heard his wish.  Son One heard it.  Son Two heard it.
                And Son Three heard it, too.

Narrator 2:	That night the three sons went to see their father, the king.

Son One:	Father, we heard your wish.  We want you to have time to fish.  Go and fish. 
                We will do your work.

King:		Why, you are just boys!  But maybe you could do a king's work.  Let's find out. 
                I'll give you a test - - the "King Test."  Come with me.  I'll take you to the
                King Test Room.

Narrator 1:	Now the three sons were in the King Test Room.  They looked all
		around.  The king closed the door and called to them from outside.

King:		I have shut this door.  This is the test.  You must not open this door,
		but you must get out of the room.  Can you pass the test?

Narrator 2:	Could they do it?  They saw there was just one door.  The king had said they 
                could not open that door.  Then how could they get out?

Son Two:	We'll have to find some other way.  (SON TWO LOOKS UP AT A  HIGH WINDOW ON THE 
                WALL AND POINTS TO IT.)  Look, maybe we can get out that way. Let's try!

Narrator 1:	Son Three got up on top of Son Two.  Son One got up on top of Son Three. 
                Now Son One could see out.

Son One:	We can't get out this way.  We are all too big.  We'll have to find another way.

Narrator 2:	But could they find another way out?  Son Two and Son Three looked way down low.
                All they found was a hole.  It was just a little mouse hole.

Son Three:	Look!  I found something!  I found some red ink. Maybe we can get out with this.
                This ink will help us to get out.  We can do the "King Test" now!  The King's
                man will look in here.  He'll see us.

Narrator 1:	Soon the King's man did look in the "King's Test Room."

King's Man:	Open the door!  Open that door!  The king's sons are in there.  I see
		that they are sick. Get the king!  Quick!  Hurry!

Narrator 2:	The men opened the door.  They ran into the "King's Test Room" and saw the king's
                sons.  The sons had red spots all over them.  They certainly looked very sick.

Narrator 1:	The king saw that his sons were out of the room.  He saw that the spots were just
                red ink.

King:		You did it!  You got out of the room and you didn't open the door.  My men did! 
                You are just boys, but you can do a king's work.  So I name you all Kings!

Narrator 2:	Then the king said good-bye to his sons.

King:		Thank you.  You gave me my wish.  Now I can go away.  Now I can fish.