Holdup At Ambush Canyon

by Arthur Lobel

This is a novel Readers Theater form in that while each of the narrators tells the story the 
characters interrupt them whenever their names are mentioned by the narrator and reads their
designated lines as shown below.   

Cast of Characters and Their Lines:  
NARRATOR 1          NARRATOR 2         NARRATOR 3
STAGECOACH (4):        Shake, Rattle and Roll (3 times)
DRIVER:               "Giddyup, ya ornery critters!"
GUARDS (2):           "We must save the Payroll!"
LADY:                 "Oh my heavens!"
GAMBLER:              "Raise you five, my friend!"
DANCE HALL GIRLS (2): "Well, hi there, fellas!"
BANDITS (2):   "All right now! Stick 'em up!"


NARRATOR 1:  The stagecoach was carrying a large shipment of gold from the El Dorado mine. 

NARRATOR 2:  The driver drove furiously, well aware of the dangers he'd surely face at Ambush 
             Canyon. The guards guarded. There were four passengers, a lady, a gambler, and two
             pretty dance hall girls.

NARRATOR 3:  The passengers were shaken and bounced along as the stagecoach rolled furiously over
             the bumpy road. The driver held the reins tightly. The guards clutched the sack of 

NARRATOR 1:  Inside the stagecoach the gambler tried to start up a conversation with the lady, 
             who then fainted.

Narrator 2:  Ignoring her, the gambler then talked to the dance hall girls. It was late in the 
             day when the stagecoach finally reached.

ALL:	     Ambush Canyon!

NARRATOR 3:  Little did the driver, the guards, the gambler, the dance hall girls, and the lady 
             suspect that beyond the next bend, a pair of desperate and ferocious bandits 
             awaited them. 

Narrator 1:  Suddenly shots rang out!  The stagecoach screeched to a halt.  The bandits ordered 
             everyone out of the stagecoach.  

NARRATOR 2:  Down came the driver, the gambler and the lady, who promptly fainted at the sight 
             of those ornery bandits.  Then, ever so slowly, the two dance hall girls stepped 
             out of the stagecoach with a giggle.

NARRATOR 3:  The two bandits turned to look at the pretty dance hall girls.

Narrator 1:  Meanwhile, while the bandits turned their heads, the guard knocked them out and 
             captured both of them.  The stagecoach was saved!

ALL:	     The moral to our story is this:  

Guards:      We must save the Payroll? (questioning)

Gambler:     Raise you five, my friend? (questioning)

Dance Hall Girls:  Actually, fellas, you're both  wrong!  The moral to this story is to keep 
             your mind on your business!

Lady:        Oh, my heavens!

ALL:         THE END!