By Margaret Shannon

Parts(10): Narrator 1     Narrator 2     Narrator 3     Narrator 4     Narrator 5     Narrator 6 
           Sarah          Gullible       Bernard        Lila

Narrator 1:  GULLIBLE'S TROUBLES By Margaret Shannon

Narrator 2:  Gullible Guinea pig was visiting Aunt Sarah, Uncle Bernard, and Cousin Lila, all
             by himself.  His aunt and uncle and cousin knew Gullible would believe anything that
             he was told.
Lila:       "You know there are monsters all over this house, Gullible, and in the garden too.
             Little guinea pigs are their favorite thing to eat," 
Narrator 3:  said Cousin Lila.  Gullible didn't like this idea one bit. He went to see if 
             Aunt Sarah needed any help.  She was baking a cake. 
Narrator 4:  But, although Gullible tried very hard, he wasnąt much help at all. So Aunt Sarah said,
Sarah:      "Did you know, Gullible, that if you eat fifty carrots one after the other, you become
Narrator 5:  Gullible thought that sounded like great fun.  Aunt Sarah gave him a big basket of
             carrots that were getting moldy and told him to go and eat them in the front room.
Narrator 6:  Gullible ate...and ate...and ate until he'd eaten all fifty carrots. Then, feeling 
             rather ill, he went and looked in the mirror to see if he was invisible.
Narrator 1:  But he wasn't. He'd just gone a bit orange in the face.
Gullible:   "They must've been too old,"
Narrator 1:  Gullible said to himself, and thought he'd go and see what Cousin Lila was doing.

Narrator 2:  Cousin Lila was dressing up for a party. Gullible decided to dress up too, but he
             started getting a bit carried Cousin Lila said, 
Lila:       "Gullible, would you like to take these soccer boots of mine and try them out?  
             They're the sort the real soccer players use." 
Narrator 3:  They were really high-heeled dress shoes.)
Narrator 4:  Gullible had always wanted proper soccer boots.  He got out his soccer ball, and went
             downstairs to put the boots on.
Narrator 5:  But they were a bit big for him, and they wobbled when he tried to dribble the ball.
             Gullible decided he'd just get used to walking in them for now and went to see what
             Uncle Bernard was doing.
Narrator 6:  Uncle Bernard was very busy, so Gullible thought he would help by tidying up his
             papers for him. Uncle Bernard said,
Bernard:    "If you really want to help, Gullible, you could wash these dirty pieces of coal for
             me, so I can light the fire."
Narrator 1:  Gullible felt very useful as he carried the coal into the pantry and started scrubbing
             it with a scrubbing brush.  But the coal never seemed to get any cleaner, it just got
             smaller and smaller until there wasnąt any left.
Narrator 2:  Gullible hurried off to find out where he could get some more coal.  He asked Cousin
             Lila, who was in the front room checking out her party dress. 
Lila:       "Well, the coal's in the cellar, where the cellar monster lives, but if you walk on
             your hands, it won't eat you,"
Narrator 3:  she said.  The cellar was very dark. Gullible carefully walked on his hands, down the
             stairs and over to the coal chute. He could just see the cellar monster's feet 
             sticking out from the darkest corner.
Narrator 4:  He filled the coal bucket and made his way back up the stairs as quickly as he could,
             nearly bumping into his aunt at the top.

Gullible:   "Aunt Sarah, remember to walk on your hands, or you'll get eaten!!"
Narrator 5:  Gullible cried.  Aunt Sarah just laughed.  Gullible waited and waited, but Aunt Sarah
             didn't come back.  He ran to tell Uncle Bernard and Cousin Lila what had happened.
Bernard:    "What nonsense, Gullible!  Lila and I will go down and find out what's going on."
Narrator 6:  said Uncle Bernard.  Uncle Bernard and Cousin Lila didn't come back either. But there
             was something coming up the cellar stairs, something with very large, heavy feet.
Narrator 1:  Gullible thought that this would be a good time to go, but there were those monsters 
             in the garden to get past. So he ran into the kitchen, quickly  ate fifty non-moldy
Narrator 2:  found his soccer ball and put on his new soccer boots...
Narrator 3:  and ran home.
Bernard:    "Hey, Gullible, come back! We were just kidding."
Sarah:      "Yes, silly, of course there aren't any monsters in the cellar..."
Lila:       "Mama!  Papa! Look!!"
Narrator 4:  Gullible was nowhere to be seen.  All that they could see was a moving soccer ball
             that was being kicked by a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Scripted by Jill Jauquet