The Fourth Little Pig

By Teresa Celsi


Narrator 1: A long time ago, there were three little pigs with homes made of bricks and of straw 
            and of twigs.  A big bad wolf tried to catch them one day, by huffing and puffing two
            houses away.  Pig one and Pig two then needed to flee, so they ran off to stay at the
            house of Pig three.  They bolted the windows and locked the front door.  

Pig 1:      We wonıt go outsideŠnot anymore!

Narrator 2: They stayed in that house at the top of the hill and those three silly pigs would be
            hiding there still... If their sister, the bold and daring Pig four, hadn't stopped by
            to visit and knocked on the door.

Pig 2:      Go away wolf!  Get away from our door!

Sister Pig: I'm no wolf, I'm your sister Pig four.

Narrator 3: The door opened a crack, then it opened up wide.

Pig 3:      Get in; there are bad wolves outside!

Sister Pig: Oh Pooh, there are no wolves in sight.

Pig 1:      Yes there are!

Narrator 3: They said as they slammed the door tight.

Pig 2:      Keep still, Now everyone hide!

Sister      Pig: Why hide?  You should all go outside.  You can't spend your whole life just 
            sitting and shaking.  There are places to see and things to be making.  You could 
            build a canoe or go out and buy fudge.

Narrator 1: But despite her suggestions, the boys would not budge.

Pig 3:      Keep that door shut!

Narrator 2: The three brothers cried.

Pig 1:      We're safe in here, Sisters.  We won't go outside.

Sister Pig: You're hopeless!

Narrator 3: Cried the sisters with a frown.  Then she huffed and puffed and she blew...

Narrator 1: Their...

Narrator 2: House...

Narrator 3: DOWN!

Narrator 1: As soon as the dust had started to clear, Sister Pig said...

Sister Pig: You see, there are no wolves out here.

Narrator 2: The boys peeked over what was left of their wall.  There were no wolves in sight-no 
            wolves at all!

Pigs:       Hooray!  Yippee!  How happy are we!  For the wolves are all gone, and now we are free!
            We won't spend our lives just sitting and shaking.  There are places to see and things
            to be making!

Narrator 3: The boys got some fudge, then they built a canoe.  Then they climbed up a mountain,
            enjoying their view.

Narrator 1: And as for their sister, the daring Pig four...

Narrator 2: She traveled.  She knows there are worlds to explore...

Narrator 3: If only you're willing to open the door.