By Dav Pilkey

Parts(10):    Narrator 1     Narrator 2     Narrator 3     Narrator 4     Narrator 5    
              Narrator 6     Mr. Tosis      Mrs. Tosis     Burglar 1      Burglar 2
Narrator 1: DOG BREATH:  The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis

Narrator 2: There once was a dog named Hally, who lived with the Tosis family.
Narrator 3: Hally Tosis was a very good dog, but she had a big problem.
Narrator 4: Hally Tosis had horrible breath.
Narrator 5: Whenever Hally Tosis opened her mouth, horrible things happened.
Narrator 6: When the children took Hally Tosis for a walk, everyone else walked on the other 
            side of the street. 
Narrator 1: Even skunks avoided Hally Tosis.
Narrator 2: But the real trouble started one day when Grandma Tosis stopped by for a cup of tea
            ...and Hally jumped up to say hello.
Narrator 3: Mr. and Mrs. Tosis were not amused.
Mr. and Mrs. Tosis: "Something has to be done about that smelly dog," 
Narrator 4: they said.
Narrator 5: The next day, Mr. and Mrs. Tosis decided to find a new home for Hally.
Narrator 6: The children knew that the only way they could save their dog was to get rid of her
            bad breath. 
Narrator 1: So they took Hally Tosis to the top of a mountain that had a breathtaking view.
Narrator 2: They hoped that the breathtaking view would take Hally's breath away...but it didn't.
Narrator 3: Next, the children took Hally Tosis to a very exciting movie.
Narrator 4: They hoped that all the excitement would leave Hally breathless...but it didn't.
Narrator 5: Finally, the children took Hally Tosis to a carnival.  
Narrator 6: They hoped that Hally would lose her breath on the speedy roller coaster...but that 
            idea stunk, too!
Narrator 1: The plans to change Hally's bad breath had failed.
Narrator 2: Now, only a miracle could save Hally Tosis.
Narrator 3: Sadly, the three children said good-night, unaware that a miracle was just on the
Narrator 4: Later that night, when everyone was sound asleep,  two sneaky burglars crept into
            the Tosis house.
Narrator 5: The two burglars were tiptoeing through the dark quiet rooms when suddenly they 
            came upon Hally Tosis.
Burglar 1: "Yikes, it's a big, mean, scary dog!"
Narrator 6: whispered one burglar.
Burglar 2: "Aw, don't be silly.That's only a cute, little, fuzzy puppy!"
Narrator 1: whispered the other burglar.
Narrator 2: The two burglars giggled at the sight of such a friendly little dog.
Burglar 1: "That dog wouldn't hurt a fly," 
Narrator 3: whispered one burglar.
Burglar 2: "Come here, poochie poochie!" 
Narrator 4: whispered the other.
Narrator 5: So Hally Tosis came over and gave the burglars a nice big kiss.

Narrator 6: SLURRRP!
Narrator 1: The next morning, the Tosis family awoke to find two burglars passed out cold on
            their living room floor.
Narrator 2: It was a miracle!
Narrator 3: The Tosis family got a big reward for turning in the crooks, and soon Hally  Tosis
            was the most famous crime-fighting dog in the country. 
Narrator 4: In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Tosis changed their minds about finding a new home for Hally.  
Narrator 5: They decided to keep their wonderful watchdog after all.
Narrator 6: Because life without Hally Tosis just wouldn't make any scents!
Scripted by Jill Jauquet