By Pamela Duncan Edwardsa

Parts (11): Narrator 1     Narrator 2    Narrator 3    Narrator 4    Dora    Doris    Dinorella
            Fairydactyl    Deinonychus   Duke          Dinosaurs


Narrator 2:  Dora, Doris, and Dinorella lived down in the dunes in a dinosaur den.
Narrator 3:  Dora and Doris did nothing all day.  They dumped debris around the den.  They never
             did the dusting or the dishes.
Narrator 4:  Dinorella was dainty and dependable. Dora and Doris were dreadful to Dinorella. All 
             day they demanded...
Dora:       "DINORELLA, dig the garden."
Doris:      "DINORELLA, fetch us drinks."
Dora:       "DINORELLA, start the dinner."
Narrator 1:  One day a card was delivered to the den:
Narrator 2:           Dinosaur Dance
                    Duke Dudley's Den
                         At Dusk
               Hors d'oeuvres, Dandelion Cola
                   Dancing Until Dawn
Narrator 3:  Duke Dudley was the most dashing dinosaur in the dunes.
Dora:       "I would die for a date with the duke,"
Narrator 4:  said Dora, decorating herself with dinosaur jewels.
Doris:      "Definitely,"
Narrator 1:  sighed Doris, dolling up for the dance.
Dinorella:  "A dance, how divine,"
Narrator 2:  said Dinorella diffidently.  Doris said,
Doris:      "YOU can't go to the dance, YOU'RE too dowdy."
Dora:       "YOU'RE too dull, and you don't have decent dinosaur jewels. Of course you can't go 
             to the dance."
Narrator 3:  agreed Dora. Poor Dinorella felt down in the dumps as she watched her stepsisters
Narrator 4:  Suddenly, Dinorella heard a droning noise.
Fairydactyl: "Don't be dismal, you shall go to the dance"
Narrator 1:  cried Fairydactyl. Dinorella said,
Dinorella:  "But I'm so drab, and I don't have decent dinosaur jewels."
Narrator 2:  Fairydactyl declared,
Fairydactyl: "I'll soon deal with that. These will outdazzle all other dinosaur jewels."
Dinorella:   "Darling Fairydactyl!"
Narrator 3:   exclaimed Dinorella in delight. With her diamonds dangling, she set out for the
Narrator 4:   Dusk had fallen when Dinorella heard a deafening disturbance coming from the 
              direction of Duke Dudley's Den.
Narrator 1:   A dastardly deed was taking place!  A deinonychus was dragging off the duke.
Duke:        "I'm done for! He will devour me!"
Narrator 2:   cried the Duke. The deinonychus laughed,
Deinonychus: "Indeed I will!  Iıll be digesting you by daybreak."
Narrator 3:   Dinorella was not a daring dinosaur, but something drastic had to be done.
Dinorella:   "I may become dessert, but Iım determined to drive away that dreaded carnivore."
Narrator 4:   Dinorella climbed to the top of the dune.  She roared,
Narrator 1:  Dinorella began to hurl dirtballs at the deinonychus.  
Narrator 2:  The dumbfounded deinonychus stopped in disbelief.
Deinonychus: "Who called me a dummy?"
Narrator 3:  he demanded. The moonıs light caught Dinorellaıs dangling diamonds. 
Narrator 4:  Dots and dabs of light darted toward the deinonychus. The deinonychus cried,
Deinonychus: "A DEVIL!  See its dreadful demon eyes!"
Narrator 1:  Dinorella detached a diamond and directed it toward the deinonychus.
Narrator 2:  The diamond hit the deinonychus HARD in his dentures.
Deinonychus: "The devil will destroy me with its deadly eyes,"
Narrator 3:  bellowed the distraught deinonychus.  He dumped Duke Dudley and departed double-quick.
Narrator 4:  The den was dense with dinosaurs dashing about in distress.  They cried,
Dinosaurs:  "A demon, we're DOOMED."
Duke:       "DIMWITS!  Demons don't throw diamonds.  It was a damsel who defended me with her 
             dazzling dinosaur jewel."
Narrator 1:  roared Duke Dudley through the den.
Duke:       "When I discover her, I shall ask her to be my darling."
Narrator 2:  All the dinosaur dames were delirious. They each declared,
Doris:      "The jewel is mine!  MINE!"
Dora:       "NO, DEFINITELY MINE.  I am the damsel you desire,"
Narrator 3:  bellowed Dora, giving Doris a dig.
Duke:       "I DOUBT it. Your dinosaur jewels don't match,"
Narrator 4:  declared Duke Dudley.  Just then, Fairydactyl arrived at the dance. She quickly
             saw the dilemma. She demanded,
Fairydactyl: "Where is Dinorella?"
Dora:       "Dinorella!  That dopey domestic,"
Narrator 1: scoffed Dora.  Doris laughed,
Doris:      "Dinorella!  She's back at the den."
Narrator 2:  But Fairydactyl spied Dinorella dodging behind the dune. She directed,
Fairydactyl: "Dinorella, come down."
Narrator 3:  So down came Dinorella, looking distracted.  The Duke cried,
Duke:       "She wears but one dazzling jewel! Dinorella, you are adorable.  You're definitely 
             quite a dish. I beg you to be my dearest." 
Dinorella:  "DREAMY!"
Narrator 4:  said Dinorella as they danced off into the dawn. Dora and Doris said,
Dora and Doris:  ³DRAT!²
Scripted by Jill Jauquet,