Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type

by Doreen Cronin, adapted by Dalila Galindo

Parts (13-)   Narrator 1        Narrator 2        Farmer        Cows (3-)        Hens(3-)  
              Duck 1            Duck Group (3-)

Narrator 1:   Once upon a time there was a farmer named Farmer Brown. He had a problem and 
              it was this:

Narrator 2:   His cows liked to type.

Narrator 1:   Yes, his cows liked to type, and all day long he heard

Cows:         Click, Clack, MOO.
              Click, Clack, MOO.
              Clickety, Clack, MOO.

Narrator 2:   At first, he couldn't believe his ears. Cows that type?

Cows:         Click, Clack, MOO.
              Click, Clack, MOO.
              Clickety, Clack, MOO.

Narrator 1:   Then he couldn't believe his eyes when he found the letter that the cows had
              posted on the barn door.

Cows:         Dear Farmer Brown,
              The barn is very cold at night.  We'd Like some electric blankets.
              The Cows

Narrator 2:   It was bad enough the cows had found the old typewriter in the barn, now they
              wanted electric blankets.

Farmer:       No Way!

Narrator 1:   said Farmer Brown

Farmer:       No electric blankets.

Narrator 2:   So the cows went on strike and left another note on the barn door which read:

Cows:         Sorry.  We're closed.  No milk today.

Farmer:       No milk today! 

Narrator 1:   cried Farmer Brown, yet in the background he heard the cows busy at work at
              the typewriter.

Cows:         Click, Clack, MOO.
              Click, Clack, MOO.
              Clickety, Clack, MOO.

Narrator 2:   The next day Farmer Brown got another note, which read:

Cows:         Dear Farmer Brown,
              The hens are cold, too.  They'd like electric blankets.
              The Cows

Hens:         Yes, we are cold, too, and would like electric blankets.

Narrator 1:   The cows and hens were growing impatient. with the farmer. They left a new
              note on the barn door:

Cows:         Today we are still on strike and closed.  No Milk today.

Hens:         And we hens are on strike and closed. No Eggs today!

Farmer:       No Milk and no eggs!

Narrator 2:   cried Farmer Brown. In the background he heard them:

Cows:         Click, Clack, MOO.
              Click, Clack, MOO.
              Clickety, Clack, MOO.

Farmer:       Cows that type.  Hens on strike! Whoever heard of such a thing? How can I run
              a farm with no milk and no eggs?

Narrator 1:   Farmer Brown was furious. He got out his own typewriter and wrote:

Farmer:       Dear Cows and Hens,
              There will be no electric blankets.  You are cows and hens. I demand milk and
              Farmer Brown

Narrator 2:   Farmer Brown needed a neutral party to deliver the note and so he chose Duck.

Duck 1:       Since I am a neutral party, I will deliver the ultimatum to the cows.

Narrator 1:   The cows held an emergency meeting. All the animals gathered around the barn
              to snoop, but none of them could understand Moo language.

Narrator 2:   All night long Farmer Brown waited impatiently for an answer to his note to 
              the cows and hens. Early in the morning Duck returned carrying a note.

Duck 1:       Farmer Brown, this note is the answer to your note you wrote to them.

Cows:         Dear Farmer Brown,
              We will exchange our typewriter for electric blankets.  Leave them outside 
              the barn door and we will send Duck over with the typewriter.

Narrator 1:   Farmer Brown decided that this was a good deal.  He left the electric blankets
              next to the barn door and waited for Duck to come with the typewriter.

Narrator 2:   But Duck had another idea.

Duck 1:       It worked for the cows and it worked for the hens.  Maybe it will work for
              us ducks.  We will use the typewriter before I give it back.

Ducks:        Click, clack, quack.
              Click, clack, quack.
              Clickety, clack, quack.

Narrator 1:   The next morning Duck delivered this note from the ducks to Farmer Brown:

Ducks:        Dear Farmer Brown,
              The pond is quite boring. We'd like a diving board.
              The Ducks

Narrator 2:   Farmer Brown had learned a valuable lesson about giving and receiving, so he
              delivered the electric blankets to the barn for the cows and hens, built a 
              diving board by the pond, and Duck delivered the typewriter to him.

VOCABULARY: typewriter sincerely strike background furious neutral ultimatum emergency snoop exchange deal valuable