The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Parts (5)     Narrator 1       Narrator 2       Narrator 3       City Mouse       Country Mouse

Narrator 1:    One day the city mouse went to visit her cousin who lived in the country.

Narrator 2:    The country mouse was very happy to see her cousin.  She set out a few crumbs of 
               bread and a tiny piece of cheese.

Narrator 3:    Then the country mouse said...

Country Mouse: Welcome, cousin!  Come and eat some of my tasty food.

City Mouse:    This is not what I would call tasty food.  Why, in the city I eat cakes, pies, 
               and fancy goodies all day long.

Narrator 1:    The city mouse told the country mouse.

Narrator 2:    Then the city mouse said...

City Mouse:    Why don't you come to the city with me and see what you have been missing.

Narrator 3:    So the country mouse followed her cousin back to the city.

Narrator 1:    The two mice climbed on top of a table piled high with all kinds of fancy foods.

Narrator 2:    There were cakes, pies, and cookies.

Country Mouse: Oh, my! How I have wasted my time in the country. I like the city. This is great!

Narrator 3:    The country mouse told her cousin.

Narrator 1:    Just then the doors to the dining room opened and a huge cat ran right toward the 
               two little mice.

City Mouse:    Hurry!  Run!  Run!  It's the cat!

Narrator 2:    The city mouse called out to her cousin.

Narrator 1:    The two mice ran to the nearest hiding place.

Narrator 2:    As soon as the cat went away the country mouse said...

Country Mouse: Good-bye, cousin.  You're welcome to your city life.  It is not for me.  I will 
               be happy with my simple country life.  Your life may be fancy, but it's just 
               not safe.

Narrator 3:    And so the country mouse ran all the way home and never again returned to the city.

All:           And today's fable has this moral:

Country Mouse: A simple life lived in peace is better than a life of luxury lived in fear.
Adapted by Lisa Blau