The Three Billy-Goats Gruff

by Paul Galdone

Parts(5):   Narrator 1     Narrator 2     Big Billy Goat    Middle Billy Goat    Little Billy Goat     
For this Readers Theater, it is important that the characters have identifying signs, such as a
sign hung around the neck.

Narrator 1:      Once upon a time Three Billy Goats lived in a stony field near a bridge that went
                 across a little river.  There was Big Billy Goad, who has long whiskers and big 
                 strong horns...then there was Middle-size Billy Boat, who had small curly horns 
                 but was not old enough to have whiskers... and then there was Little Billy Goat, 
                 who had no horns, and no whiskers, but he was never afraid of anything!!!

Narrator 2:      Now, across the river was a hillside just covered with delicious, juicy, green 
                 grass, but under the bridge lived a mean old troll.  He was a scary thing, with 
                 eyes as big as tea cups and a long crooked nose. Aaaannd he thought that 
                 the bridge was HIS ... and would not allow anyone to cross it.
                 Well, one day the Billy Goats could not find any more grass on their side of the 
                 river, and this is what happened:

Big Billy G:     Look over there at that beautiful green grass...and then look around us here.
                 We have nothing to eat but stones.

Middle Billy G:  You're right, Brother.  It sure does make me feel even hungrier when I see all 
                 that good food across the troll's bridge.

Little Billy G:  Well, I'll tell you one thing, I'm sick and tired of being so hungry.  I'm just 
                 going to go right across that Troll's bridge right now and eat, and eat, and eat.

Big Billy G:     Come back here, Little Billy.  You don't know what you're saying.  That Troll is 
                 a mean one.  He will be sure to eat you up!

Little Billy G:  Don't you worry about one thing, Big Billy.  I'm hungry, and besides, Im not 
                 afraid of that old troll.

Narrator 1:      An Little Billy Goat headed out and started walking across the bridge. The troll,
                 hearing the clip clop, clip clop, clip clop of Little Billy Goat's hooves on the
                 bridge hollered out in a gruff voice:

Troll:           Wait a minute!  Who is that walking on MY bridge?

Little Billy G:  Hello, Mr. Troll, sir.  I'm Little Billy Goat and I...

Narrator 2:      Being a very rude and not very nice creature, the troll interrupted Little
                 Billy G in mid-sentence and yelled out:

Troll:           Well, what are you doing on my bridge?

Little Billy G:  I'm just going over your bridge to eat some nice green grass on the hillside.

Troll:           Oh noooooo you're not!  You just get off of my bridge this very minute or I'll
                 come up there and eat you up!

Little Billy G:  Oh, please don't do that, Mr. Troll, sir.  I wouldn't be very good to eat.  I'm
                 little and skinny.  But my BIG brother will be along soon.  He is bigger and 
                 fatter than I am.  Why don't you wait for him?

Troll:           Bigger? Fatter?  Fatter than you?  Very well.  Run along then, but be quick 
                 about it before I change my mind!

Narrator 1:      And so fearless Little Billy Goat finished crossing the bridge, ran up the
                 hillside and started eating, as his hungry brothers watched from across the

Middle Billy G:  Just look at Little Billy over there eating his head off.  The troll didn't
                 bother him a bit.  I don't care what happens, I'm going to try to get 
                 across the bridge, too!

Big Billy G:     You'd better not try it.  That mean old Troll is hungary, and you know he will
                 stop you and eat you up!

Middle Billy G:  I still don't care.  I'm hungry.  Here I go!

Narrator 2:      And off went Middle Billy Goat headed off across the Troll's bridge, and hearing
                 the clip clop, clip clop, clip clop of Middle Billy Goat's hooves, bellowed:

Troll:           Who is that walking on my bridge?

Middle Billy G:  My name is Middle Billy Goat and....

Troll:           Well, what the dickens are you doing on MY BRIDGE?

Narrator 1:      the mean old Troll asked, angrily,

Middle Billy G:  I'm just crossing it to join my little brother on the hillside, and eat some of
                 the delicious, fresh, green grass there.

Troll:           Oh, no you are not!  This is MY bridge, and you get off of it this instant! If
                 you don't, I'll come up there and eat you up!

Middle Billy G:  I wouldn't do that if I were you.  I'm  not very good to eat, but my Big brother
                 will be along soon.  He is much fatter and much tastier than I am. Why
                 don't you wait for him?

Troll:           Even fatter and tastier than you?  Very well, then, run along, but be quick
                 about it.  I'm might hungry.

Narrator 2:      Well, when Big Billy Goat saw his brothers having a feast on that juicy green 
                 grass, he forgot all thoughts of danger, and decided to start across the bridge.

Troll:           Who's that making such a racket on MY BRIDGE?

Big Billy G:     It is I, Big Billy Goat Gruff.  Who wants to know?

Troll:           I want to know, that's who.  Just where do you think you are going, and what
                 are you doing on my bridge?

Big Billy G:     I am going across this bridge, just like my brothers did, and then I am going to
                 eat lunch on the hillside.

Troll:           Oh, no you are not!  I'm hungry and I'm coming up there right now and I am
                 going to eat you for lunch!

Big Billy G:     You don't saaaaaay!  Well, you just come right on up here and we'll settle this
                 thing once and for all!!

Narrator 1:      The troll, not used to being challenged, was furious and he leapt up on the 
                 bridge and began yelling and screaming at Big Billy Goat Gruff:

Troll:           How DARE you talk to ME like that? YOU GET OFF MY BRIDGE THIS INSTANT!

Narrator 2:      Then everything happened at once.  Big Billy Goat lowered his horns, the Troll
                 put up his hairy, scaly fists, and they rushed at each other...C R A S H !
                 They backed up and rushed again... K E R T H U M P, and over went the Troll into
                 the river below.  How he screamed and yelled as he was carried out of sight by
                 the strong current.

Narrator 1 & 2:  (Together)  And NOW, the Three Billy Goats Gruff can cross the bridge any time
                 they want, and there is No mean, old Troll to bother them... AND,  they are all
                 well fed and happy!