Belling The Cat

Parts (6)   Mouse Leader   Gray Mouse   Brown Mouse   Wise Old Mouse    Narrator 1    Narrator 2

Narrator 1:     Once upon a time many little mice lived in a cozy house.

Narrator 2:     One day a big cat came to live in the house.

Narrator 1:     The cat chased the mice.  The mice were very, very scared.

Mouse Leader:   We have a problem.

Narrator 2:     The mouse leader told all the mice.

Mouse Leader:	I am tired of being chased by that big cat day and night.

Gray Mouse:     But what can we do?

Narrator 1:     Asked the gray mouse.

Brown Mouse:    We must come up with a plan.

Gray Mouse:     What a great idea.  What will we do?

Brown Mouse:    We can wait until the cat falls asleep.  Then we can tie a bell around the cat's
                neck.  When the cat tries to chase us, the bell will ring and we can run away.

Brown Mouse:    This is a fabulous plan!  Let's tie the bell around the cat's neck.

Wise Old Mouse: And who will tie the bell around the cat's neck?
Narrator 2:     Asked the wise old mouse.

Narrator 1:     No one wanted to be the one to try.

Narrator 2:     The mice were much too scared.

Wise Old Mouse: And that is why mice are still chased and caught by cats to this very day.

Adapted by Lisa Blau