The Bad Kangaroo

by Arthur Lobel

Parts(5):   Narrator 1      Narrator 2      Narrator 3     Mr. Kangaroo     Mrs. Kangaroo     

Narrator 1:    There was once a small kangaroo who was bad in school.    

Narrator 2:    He put thumbtacks on the teacher's chair.

Narrator 3:    He set off firecrackers in the lavatory and spread blue on the doorknobs.

Principal:     Your behavior is impossible! I am going to see your parents. I will tell them 
               what a problem you are.

Narrator 1:    said the principal, who went to see Mr. and Mrs. Kangaroo.

Narrator 2:    He sat down in a living room chair.

Principal:     Ouch! There's a thumbtack in this chair.

Narrator 3:    cried the Principal.

Mr. Kangaroo:  Yes, I know.

Narrator 1:    said Mr. Kangaroo

Mr. Kangaroo:  I enjoy putting thumbtacks in chairs.

Narrator 2:    A spitball hit the principal on the nose.

Mrs. Kangaroo: Forgive me. But I can never resist throwing those things.

Narrator 3:    said Mrs. Kangaroo.

Narrator 1:    There was a loud booming sound from the bathroom.

Mr. Kangaroo:  Keep calm.

Narrator 2:    said Mr. Kangaroo to the principal.

Mr. Kangaroo:  The firecrackers that we keep in the medicine chest have just exploded.  We love
               the noise.

Narrator 3:    The principal rushed for the front door. In an instant he was stuck to the doorknob.

Mrs Kangaroo:  Pull hard. There are little globs of glue on all of our doorknobs.

Narrator 1:    said Mrs. Kangaroo.

Narrator 2:    The principal pulled himself free. He dashed out of the house and ran off down 
               the street.

Mr. Kangaroo:  Such a nice person!

Narrator 3:    said Mr. Kangaroo.

Mr. Kangaroo:  I wonder why he left so quickly.

Narrator 1:    Mrs. Kangaroo said,

Mrs. Kangaroo: No doubt he had another appointment. Never mind.  Supper is ready.

Narrator 2:    Mr. and Mrs. Kangaroo and their son enjoyed their evening meal. After the dessert,
               they all threw spitballs at each other across the dining-room table.

Narrator 1, 2, 3 (together)  Moral:  A child's conduct will reflect the ways of its parents.