The Animal Trainer

Parts (3):  Narrator       Animal Trainer       Lion

Narrator:  La--dies and Gen--tlemen!  Welcome to out world renouned lion training act. May I 
           direct your attention to the center wing here under our circus big-top.

Trainer:   And now, ladies and gentlemen, I shall do my famous lion act! OK, Joe, open the cage 

Narrator:  Joe, the circus animal handler opens a cage door at the edge of the ring and out leaps a
           full grown lion.

Lion:      [Leaping out of the cage]  Just watch and see how well I have this trainer trained!

Trainer:   OK, Leo, up on your stand!

Lion:      [To audience] Now watch me make him crack his whip.  [Sit with hands on chair seat] 

Trainer:   [Cracks whip] All the way up, Leo...  All the way up.

Lion:      Now watch him bow to everyone. [Get up on seat of chair with feet.]

Trainer:   [Bowing to audience] Thank you.  Thank you.  And now for my next trick.  [Cracks whip

Lion:      [To audience while getting off chair]  Want to see him turn in circles?  keep your
           eyes open!

Narrator:  The trainer takes the chair and holds it between himself and the lion while cracking 
           his whip.  He turns in a small circle and Leo walks in a wide circle around the ring.

Trainer:   That's it, Leo, around the cage.  There you go!  [Keeps Leo at the end of the whip, 
           turning around with him.]

Lion:      [To audience] You haven't seen anything yet!  Now I'll have him put his head in my mouth.

Trainer:   And now, ladies and gentlemen, I shall do my greatest act.  Leo will open his mouth, and 
           I shall very bravely put my head inside.

Narrator:  Leo opens his mouth wide and the trainer turns his head sideways and places it between 
           the lion's teeth.  Then he quickly removes it again.

Lion:      Well, enough of this.  I'm ready for my dinner.

Trainer:   Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you.  [Bowing all around]  Open the door, Joe, 
           and give Leo a good meal tonight. In you go, Leo.  In you go.  Good job.

Lion:      [Turns head back to audience as he climbs back into the cage]I sure have that trainer 
           well trained, don't I?