MATH--Daily Drill Sheet Index

For this math project, literally hundreds of sheets had to be reproduced manually in order for them to be properly
displayed on, and downloadable from, the Internet.

These worksheets, which I have uploaded for your use, are meant to be used as daily math practice, though they may
be used as reinforcement of recently taught skills. I taught 6th grade. From day one of each year, each morning my
students found a worksheet on their desks which they were to complete immediately while I took care of the "houskeeping"
tasks necessary at start of each school day (attendance, etc.). Give them the #1 addition sheet (grades 1-6 inclusive)
on the very first day of school. Yep, it'll be easy, but it starts them in focusing on Math. Remember, it's just skills

The sheets contain 12 math problems on a half sheet of paper 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 (you'll print them out 2 sheets to a page).
Students are required to (carefully) copy their answers into the answer spaces provided at the right side of the sheet
(carefully being the operative word here, and it takes a while to develop that skill). If you prepare one or more
practice sheets as answer sheet(s), it is easy to quickly check all papers for correctness, or, have students check them
themselves/have a "corrector" do it for you/read them the answers/switch papers and correct all at once... hey, you
figure it out; you're the teacher! This is not designed to take up much time and as a teacher you can figure a way to
get them all corrected for your later perusal within 2-3 minutes. When you select a practice sheet, it will download to your computer as a .pdf file which you can open and print.
Macintosh users with OSX can open these files with Preview, the native .pdf reader. In any case Adobe Acrobat Reader, a
free, reliable, cross platform .pdf reader can be downloaded at the Adobe site (Google "Adobe Acrobat Reader").

Click on the Math practice sheet-type desired

Addition, Whole Numbers-22 worksheets Addition, Decimals-6 worksheets
Subtraction, Whole Numbers-18 worksheets Subtraction, Decimal Numbers-4 worksheets
Multiplication, Whole Numbers-18 worksheets Multiplication, Decimal Numbers-6 worksheets
Division, Whole Numbers-16 worksheets Division, Decimal Numbers-6 worksheets
Fractions Intro /Addition-14 worksheets Fractions Subtraction-8 worksheets
Fractions Multiplication-8 worksheets Fractions Division-6 worksheets

Other specific area Math practice sheets

Fraction Conversion-Common to Decimal-2 worksheets Number Sentences-2 worksheets
Percent Averaging-4 worksheets
For Future Use For Future Use
For Future Use For Future Use
For Future Use For Future Use
For Future Use For Future Use

Answer Booklet

I have begun producing answer sheets. Click here to view them .
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