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Special: I produced these weekly units using actual 5th and 6th grade spelling word lists. Each morning, Monday
through Thursday (Friday was test day) along with a small math sheet, the students found a spelling
sheet on their desks when they entered the classroom. The math sheet (see my daily mathsheets) was to
be accomplished in the first few minutes while I took care of taking roll, etc. The spelling sheets
were to be completed before lunch. Students in my class could never say they had nothing to do....
Correcting papers would take place during spare moments of the day; "Proofreading" sheets were usually
done by students at the board.

Below you will see examples of each of the daily sheets (from the 6th grade set). Ultimately there will
be 35 units.

Grade 6 Spelling Units

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Note the Monday-Thursday Spelling sheet samples below.

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