A simile is a figure of speech that uses the words "as" or "like."  Figures of speech are used 
like adjectives or adverbs.  They modify or describe a person, place, thing, or action with a
colorful and often visual term or phrase.  Writers and poets use similes in their writing to make
their works more colorful and interesting.  Here are some common similes.  See how many you
recognize.  There is no limit to the number of similes that can be created.
              as fat as a pig                                as dry as a bone     
              as light as a feather                          as soft as silk 
              as cold as ice                                 as tough as shoe leather
              as clear as day                                as hungry as a bear
              as lovely as a rose                            as meek as a lamb 
              as fast as a deer                              as rough as a cob
              as smooth as glass                             as blue as a mountain lake 
              as hard as a rock                              as deep as the ocean
              as final as death                              as stubborn as a mule
              as soft as old leather                         as quiet as an empty church                  
              as fresh as dew                                as bright as day
              as loud as thunder                             as sly as a fox 
              as strong as an ox                             as harsh as a junk yard dog
              as cute as a button                            as green as grass 
              as cuddly as a baby                            as musical as a flute 
              as worn as an old shoe                         as bright as the sun 
              as dark as night                               as white as snow 
              as black as coal                               as blind as a bat 
              as busy as a bee                               as happy as a clown                     
              as rough as sandpaper                          as strong as steel
              as happy as a lark                             felt like two cents 
              as thin as a rail                              laughed like a hyena                       
              as sly as a fox                                eyes like stars 
              as sweet as honey                              eyes like limpid blue pools 
              as quick as a wink                             cheeks like roses
              as smart as a stump                            like two peas in a pod 
              as quiet as mouse                              screamed like a banshee                      
              as deaf as a post                              drank like a fish
              as sharp as a tack                             walked like an elephant 
              as fat as a horse                              waddled like a duck
              as sticky as tar                               worked like a horse 
              as quick as a wink                             sparkled like diamonds

Now finish the following:

as red as a                                  as pretty as a                

as tall as a                                 as tiny as a                  

as creepy as a                               as shaky as a                 

Now make one of your own:    as                     as a