Oral Language Topics


10-Second "Speeches"


   To get beginning or reluctant speakers to participate in speechmaking, they must first be made 
comfortable with the tasks of simply standing in front of an audience and speaking. If the task
is one that is interesting and/or fun, and one at which they are likely to succeed, the speaking
part will usually follow easily.  Teachers, of course, must know their students well and assign
tasks keeping in mind the abilities of the individual students.

   This oral language project involves providing the student with a topic, 10 seconds to think,
followed immediately by 10 seconds to complete the task.  Below are some suggested topics, but
teachers can undoubtedly add to the list on their own.

   The topics below are not listed in an particular order but as the list continues the topics
tend to be more difficult for elementary school students.

Topics (name in 10 seconds):

5 teachers 5 candy bar names 5 colors 5 movie titles 5 soft drinks 5 holidays 5 ice cream flavors 5 brands of car 5 Breakfast cereals 5 presidents 5 bones of the body 5 breeds of dog 5 members of the insect world 5 sicknesses/diseases 5 planets 5 horned animals 5 local street names 5 rivers 5 school subjects 5 sports 5 cartoon shows/movies 5 water creatures 5 girls names 5 constellations of the zodiac 5 cartoon characters 5 meat food names 5 nearby cities 5 Mexican food dishes/foods 5 states 5 types of tree 5 articles of clothing 5 types of flower 5 countries 5 musical groups 5 fast food chains 5 male singers 5 boys names 5 female singers 5 local stores 5 musical instruments 5 video games 5 types of berry 5 vegetables 5 spices/condiments 5 fruits 5 bodies of water: proper names (lakes/oceans/ponds...) 5 wild animals 5 continents 5 actresses 5 Military Services/branches 5 tv shows 5 Geometric shapes 5 articles of furniture 5 tv networks 5 hoofed animals 5 state capitals 5 actors (male) 5 internal organs 5 of Santa's reindeer 5 bird species 5 computer games 5 mixed drinks 5 National holidays 5 large department chain stores 5 sports 5 wars/ armed conflicts 5 fish 5 medications