Is That You Edgar


Peter Hepburn


Once upon a dreary night                                  And in the dark and damp and gloom
Gripped with fear and full of fright                      She knew the thing was in her room

She lit a candle near the bed                             Her legs went numb, her chest grew tight
And tried real hard to keep her head                      Her head was shaking left to right

She tossed and turned to get some sleep                   She knew the thing was near the bed
But heard the sound of footsteps creep                    Something touched her on the head

And as she raised the blanket high                        The blanket slipped beyond her nape
She heard the wind. Perhaps a sigh                        She knew there would be no escape

Beyond the darkness of her door                           Her eyes grew moist and filled with fear
She saw a shadow, nothing more                            Upon her cheek she felt a tear

She tried to yell, to scream, to shout                    She turned her head and looked round
But watched the candle's flame go out                     But couldn't see and heard no sound

She heard the floorboard start to creek                   The darkness all around her head
And through the blanket tried to peek                     Became the focus of her dread

She thought to run, but where and how                     She know the thing had slipped away
The sound was coming closer now                           Where it went, she couldn't say

She thought of staying very still                         She knew the thing had played its game
And felt as if she had no will                            Tomorrow night would be the same

Soon the thing would be nearby
She wanted to, but couldn't cry                           by Peter Hepburn, 1992