Words to Use Instead of Said

The word said is overused in writing. To give your writing more color, try using one of the
following 188 words instead of the word said when you are quoting the words someone has 
spoken.  There are many more words for said, but be sure you know the meaning of the form 
you are using!

accused corrected marveled screamed added coughed mimicked shot addressed cried moaned shouted admitted croaked mumbled shrieked advised crowed murmered shrilled agreed mused sighed announced dared muttered smiled answered decided smirked approved declared nagged snapped argued demanded nodded snarled asked denied noted sneered assured described sneezed doubted objected snickered babbled drawled observed sniffed barked echoed offered sniffled bawled ended ordered snorted beamed exclaimed sobbed began explained piped spoke begged pleaded sputtered bellowed finished pondered squeaked bet fretted praised stammered bleated prayed started blurted gasped promised stated boasted gibed proposed stormed boomed giggled protested stuttered bragged greeted put in suggested broke in groaned puzzled surmised bubbled growled bugged grumbled quavered taunted guessed queried teased called gulped questioned tempted cautioned gurgled quipped tested chatted quoted theorized chattered hinted thought cheered hissed ranted told chided hypothesized reasoned chimed in reassured urged choked imitated recalled chortled implied reckoned vowed chorused informed remarked chuckled inquired remembered wailed clucked insisted reminded warned coaxed interjected repeated went on commanded interrupted replied wept commented requested whimpered comlained jeered responded whined concluded jested retorted whispered confessed joked roared wondered confided worried congratulated laughed sang continued lied sassed yawned convinced lisped scolded yelled