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High Frequency Word Lists as PowerPoint Shows With Spoken Words

Clicking on the links below will download PowerPoint Shows of the various High Frequency Word PowerPoint presentations I've created. Pronunciation of each word can be heard as indicated below. I uploaded them as PowerPoint Shows and they should/must have the .pps extension after being downloaded. If not there, put it there. It is that extension which identifies it as a PowerPoint for your computer, letting it know which application to use to open the file--Microsoft Powerpoint. Lists, PDF file formats and PPT shows without sound (much smaller file downloads) are available at: Timeless Teacher Stuff

The links below will take you to the Power Point presentations for High Frequency Words. If you want to be able to hear the words spoken, download the "zipped" files for the PPTs you desire. They are the same presentations but the words can be heard as well as seen when the user clicks on the little loudspeaker in the lower right hand corner of each slide. NOTICE: The sound files make the PPT considerably larger. The compressed ZIP files are about 32MB and when unzipped they will approximate 110MB each.
Putting voice to words for these files is a current work in progress (Dec 2008).
To use the "Spoken" PPS, click on the little speaker in the lower right hand corner of each slide and you will hear the word spoken slowly 3 times. Users should repeat the word out loud each time it is heard to best use this system of learning the english vocabulary pronunciation. As the PowerPoint audio is not very loud, using a headset is recommended.

HighFreqWords Spoken 1-100.pps--30.6 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 101-200.pps--32.5 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 201-300.pps--33.8 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 301-400.pps--33.2 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 401-500.pps--32.6 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 501-600.pps--33.8 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 601-700.pps--34.5 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 701-800.pps--31.8 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 801-900.pps--32.5 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 901-1000.pps--29 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 1001-1100.pps--31 MB Zipped HighFreqWords Spoken 1101-1200.pps--31.5 MB Zipped Applause Sound Jeopardy Weakest Link