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High Frequency Word Lists as PowerPoint Shows

Clicking on the links below will download PowerPoint Shows of the various High Frequency Word PowerPoint presentations I've created. I uploaded them as PowerPoint Shows and they should/must have the .pps extension after being downloaded. If not there, put it there. It is that extension that identifies it as a PowerPoint for your computer, letting it know which application to open the file with. Lists and PDF files formats can be found at: They are available at: Timeless Teacher Stuff

HighFreqWords1-100.ppt HighFreqWords101-200.ppt HighFreqWords201-300.ppt HighFreqWords301-400.ppt HighFreqWords401-500.ppt HighFreqWords501-600.ppt HighFreqWords601-700.ppt HighFreqWords701-800.ppt HighFreqWords801-900.ppt HighFreqWords901-1000.ppt HighFreqWords1001-1100.ppt HighFreqWords1101-1200.ppt Applause Sound Jeopardy Weakest Link