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Learning the English Language

This page is dedicated to sites which could be of help in learning English, starting with the alphabet, letter names, words, word games and more.

Primary Activities

If you are looking for alphabet flash cards and activities, printable worksheets, wordsearches, games, etc., check out Mrs. Alphabet for hundreds. Mrs. Alphabet
Learn the alphabet sounds by clicking on the letters as they appear (in order). L'il Fingers
Click the letter of the alphabet and a picture of an animal whose name starts with that letter appears. A voice speaks the name of the animal. Clicking on the loudspeaker icon repeats the phrase as many times as desired. A is for Ant
Fun for young children. Connecting the letters of the alphabet uncovers a different creature each time it is played. Connect the Dots
This Alphabet practice from Harcourt School Publishers is a keyboard activity which presents (differently each time) blocks with the letters of the alphabet on them. Some letters are missing. A voice reads the letters and as it come to block with a missing letter, asks you what the missing letter is (type in from the keyboard). A good practice for one who is learning the alphabet. ABC Adventure
In this fun activity, students hear the names of various words as they scroll over them and are expected to place the words in order. Pawpark Alphabetizing
At this site, you have a choice of 15 short stories which you read by clicking on the words. The words are sounded out for you so you can learn wheat they sound like in English. This site would be very useful for emergent readers and ESL students. There are other activities also available at this page. Starfall: Learn to Read

Advanced Activities

High Frequency Word Lists: These lists, in groups of 100, are the 1200 most frequently used words in children's reading books, and so are a good source of vocabulary words for ESL students. Note at this page that the lists are also available for free download as PowerPoint Presentations in groups of 100 words. (Scroll down the page at the site.) Timeless Teacher Stuff Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Vocabulary. This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students and many languages are available. This program assumes that you can already read in one language. It presents icons with a choice of 4 descriptors from which you must chose to determine if you know the word for the item in the target language. It is probably most useful for ages 8 or so and above, depending on the language selected. English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images (or other language as selected here. There are many, many activities. Pumarosa A bilingual-phonetic-interactive ESL course for Spanish speaking adults. An effective Teachers Aide, especially in Multi Level and Multi Lingual classes. Proven to be a very practical Transiton to English Only classes. Language Guide Free sound integrated resources for learning languages/Resources developed collaboratively with help of volunteers.
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